Broadband Committee

Winchester Broadband Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. While we understand the importance of and people’s right to privacy, we need your help to provide as accurate of a picture as possible of our towns lack of broadband options and coverage. The answers you provide will help us determine exactly where we will need any prospective providers to expand their infrastructure and/or cabling. Your help and time are appreciated. Please return the survey to Karey Miner at the Winchester Town Hall or mail to Attn: Karey Miner 1 Richmond Rd, Winchester, NH  03470 by December 11, 2020 or use the link

What is your physical address or GPS location?

Who is your Internet provider?  Consider cell phone service only if you use it as a “hotspot”.

*To determine the answers to the next three questions, please either open a new tab/window (if taking this survey online) or go to and select “GO.” This will take approximately 1 minute to complete. The test will show the quality of your internet connection. If you are on a phone you will need to download the app.

What is your internet download speed?

What is your upload speed?

What is your ping?

Are you satisfied with your current LEVEL of Internet access (speed)?

Are you filling out this survey as a resident or business proprietor?

How often do you use the Internet?

Do you ever telecommute or do remote schooling from home? If yes, about how many times per week?

What, if any, is the data quota for this provider? Does it cause problems for you for some applications?