Future Projects

  • The WCC will be looking for grants to help fund a greenway project to connect Pisgah Park to the Rail Trail. ($60,000 to $80,000 project) 
  • There are conceptual plans to connect the Rail Trail to Rabbit Hollow Road in the Richmond or Swanzey area. 
  • Trails on Route 10 property, Map 9, Lot 59 
  • Natural resources inventory 
  • Trails on the Wulff property (Map 5 Lot 77) 
  • A brochure with trail maps of the town properties open to the public for hiking, and other recreation

We have been concentrating on local conservation projects such as canoe and kayak launch areas and trails at Gardiner Mountain and other properties. We have also been working with the US Fish and Game Department and the Nature Conservancy on a proposed Wildlife Refuge between route 78 and 119 in Winchester and along Mirey Brook and Roaring Brook.