Executive Department

Mission Statement

The Executive Department provides administrative oversight of Winchester's business operations and general management of the Town's departments. In the Fall of 2008, the role of the Executive Department was expanded to include the activities and responsibilities of the Property Records Department, duties formerly performed by a Property Records Manager. The Selectmen made this change to increase efficiency within the local government and to reduce operating costs.

The Town Administrator and the Executive Assistant provide full support for the Board of Selectmen, which is the governing body of the Town. Together they ensure that the Board's requests and policies are carried out and that all of the statutory requirements for the Town are met at all times. Included in this responsibility is the performance of all functions related to property assessing, taxation, and record keeping as required by law and good business practice. The Town Administrator also oversees each department, working closely with the Department heads.

Finally, the Town Administrator and the Executive Assistant will provide the highest level of customer service to each resident of Winchester, as well as to the Board of Selectmen and every Town employee.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Karey Miner Town Administrator