Volunteers from ExploringNH Clean-up Day.

Winchester, NH – Oct 15, 2022 - Volunteers from ExploringNH, a 4x4 and outdoor recreation group, spent all day cleaning trash along Class VI roads in town. The project was funded by BFGoodrich and Tread Lightly!, with the intent to promote land conservation and responsible outdoor recreation.

Enjoying a beautiful fall day, the cleanup removed approximately 2,300lbs of trash from the roads, including: 37 tires of various sizes, 2 lawn mowers, 5 mattresses, 25 full (42) gallon contractor trash bags, and various other large items. Utilizing years of 4x4 experience and various tools and techniques, the volunteers were able to help remove larger trash items safely and efficiently, and ultimately help improve approximately 3 miles of scenic Class VI roads in the area, and keep the trash out of nearby streams and ponds.

Thank you to all the volunteers for their time and effort, and to the Winchester Select Board and the Town of Winchester for their help and coordination to make this a successful event. Do your part and help keep Winchester clean and beautiful for all to enjoy.