Trick or Treat- Sunday, October 31st 5-8pm

Repairs to the Water Main on Michigan, September 21, 2021 starting at 7:30

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, the Town of Winchester Water Department will be making repairs to the water line on Michigan St. starting... more ››

Budget Committee-Vacant seat

Budget Committee-Vacant seatThe Budget Committee will be accepting Volunteer Interest forms for a vacant seat on the... more ››

Cheshire County Classic Concerts

Friday, Sept 10th @7pm in the Gazebo Park, Main St Winchester

COVID-19 Update: 8/30/21

Highway Department is accepting applications for a full-time Highway Laborer/Equipment Operator

Town of WinchesterHighway Laborer/ Equipment Operator

ELMMCC- Soccer Signups

Firework Permits

Highway Department

Open Position

Town of WinchesterHighway Laborer/ Equipment Operator

Update on the road conditions

The Highway is working on the most severely damaged roads making sure they are passable for residents. We have a few roads that are... more ››

Winchester's Drinking Water

Winchester has three sources for town water. Wells #1 and #2 located at 433 Keene Road and well #3 located on pump road 2 off from plumb... more ››

Emergency Preparedness

Make a Plan

Make a Plan

Emergency Preparedness

Are You Prepared for Severe Weather Events and Other Emergencies?

Emergency preparedness is an extremely important aspect of day-to-day life that most people overlook. What would you do if you were trapped... more ››

Police Department

Accepting applications for a Full-time Police Officer

The Town of Winchester, N.H. is accepting applications for the position of Full-time Police Officer.  Applicants must meet the requirements... more ››

Winchester Music in the Park